ADAPT Access to Employment Project

Why are we doing this project?

ADAPT is a program of the Department of Social Development. ADAPT stands for Adult Developmental Activities, Programs and Training. The department funds 38 ADAPT agencies to provide services throughout New Brunswick.

ADAPT agencies provide services to hundreds of people with a developmental or intellectual disability. Many of these individuals are able and interested in finding and doing work in the community for regular wages.

This project will develop and test ways for ADAPT agencies to better support people to work in the community. It will involve six ADAPT agencies over the next three years in both urban and rural communities.

The project is part of the Government of New Brunswick’s five year Employment Action Plan for Persons with Disabilities which was adopted in 2012.

What is the goal of this project?

The ADAPT Access to Employment Steering Committee aim to develop and test a new service model for ADAPT agencies that will include features that will assist people to find employment in the community.

This will lead to more people with a developmental or intellectual disability finding and keeping work for regular wages.

What roles will ADAPT agencies have?

The six project agencies will work with project participants to develop an employment plan. This will involve identifying and providing the support that people may need to be successful on the job. Agencies will also help to identify transportation options for people to get to and from work.

Agencies will also work with community employers to arrange employment opportunities and to provide support on the job when it is required.

How will project participants be selected?

Participants will be selected with the direct involvement of project ADAPT agencies. People with an intellectual or developmental disability who have an interest in working in the community may be selected as a project participant. Family support for this goal will also be important.

In total, there will be at least 30 participants involved in the project from the six project agencies. These participants will be accepted in years 1 and 2 of the project.

What help will project ADAPT agencies receive?

Project agencies will receive help from a project manager to develop employment plans for participants, apply for funding for any job supports that may be required, and to work with community employers to identify employment opportunities.

Agency staff will also receive training on ways to support people to find and keep work in the community.

How will a person’s Social Assistance cheque be affected by working?

People who are receiving disability social assistance benefits (called extended benefits) are allowed to earn up to $500 per month without having their cheque affected. After the first $500 of income, they are allowed to keep 30% of any income earned above $500 in a month.

Will project participants be able to keep their health cards?

People who continue to receive social assistance (of any amount), they will keep their health card. If an individual earns enough to no longer require social assistance, they can keep their health card for 3 years. After that, they will have access to an employer health plan or the New Brunswick Drug Plan.

Will ADAPT Agencies continue to offer other services?

People who are not working or only working part time can continue to receive other services from agencies.